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Sorry, I am not in a good mood. I have been have a rough time of it lately and I just gotta say something.

Why is it that some, seemingly intelligent, women must date men who treat them like dirt and the more mean he is, the more the love the bastard. I know many women and young ladies and most of them are beautiful, intelligent, talented, but when it come to matters of the heart, they are STUPID! (In my humble opinion, anyway.) I have tried to attract many of these women and young ladies by the old fashion and gentlemanly way. I treat them like queens. I buy gifts for them. (clothing, jewelry, trips, cars) They will take everything I give them, thank me and then split to f*** some guy who could give a rats behind about them. He doesn't buy them gifts or even do anything for them. I break my back, do everything I can for them and I get treated like less than a guy. I always end up being the "safe" male. They know they can hang around me and won't get hit all the time, or treated like dirt and probably end up with a new outfit or two. Why and I such a DUMB, MORONIC, LONELY guy. I ask them all, "What's wrong with me?" I always get the same answer, "Nothing, your a very handsome man." I always hear the silent "but" though. I fill in the blanks myself. "But, you are way too old for me." "But, I wouldn't date you if you were the last guy on earth." "But, you don't treat me like shit! Where's the fun in you?" I attended the Gentleman's School of Courting while I was growing up. I had a father that never raised his voice to his wife. He never raised his fists to his wife. He didn't drink or go out every weekend with the boys. My dad was a stand up kind of guy. (I tell everyone that my parents were Ozzie and Harriet or Ward and June Cleaver or, in today's venacular Dr. and Mrs. Huxtable.) They loved each other and it showed. They respected each other and were kind to each other and stayed married until his death at 63 from smoking. They were married over 40 years. (Rare in this day and age.) That was my school of how to treat women. I learned from watching my father treat my mother like a lady and a friend. They were lovers and friends. They enjoyed each others company and loved doing things together. This is the way it should be and no one on Earth could present a valid argument against it. This was what I wanted. This was not what I got. My first marriage ended after 13 years and 3 beautiful boys. She told me one day at lunch that "I can't live like this anymore." I knew I had a big problem, I found out later she was seeing another man. She destroyed a beautiful family, took everything I owned, except for a truck and $3000 cash. She is with him now. He gets to see my kids more than I do. (That is hell on earth) So, to the present, I meet this girl (26 years old) a year ago. She had a boyfriend then. I knew him first. They started have problems and she called me up one day and told me she was scared for her life. She needed me to come get her. So, being the Knight in Shining Armor, I rode to the rescue of the Fair Damsel in Distress. When I got her to a safe place, she told me that she was going to become a Lesbian and had already contacted an old girl friend. She was only going to be at house for a couple of weeks. (I am going to leave out a hell of a lot of details right here, as it would take the whole year just to retell the story.) She moved out of my house in April of this year, because I was having to sale it. No Job, No Money, No house. Sometime after her girlfriend departed in March, I fell in love with her. We were great friends and I thought she had simular feelings. I was wrong. She just wanted to be friends. I had housed her, feed her and clothed her for over a year. I took her out of town with me on trips. I paid for her Ebay stuff and her storage building. I didn't mind to much, because this was the way I was trying to attract her. It didn't work. She only wants someone who will treat her like sh_t. Then, she will crawl on her knees through broken glass, just to kiss their a$$. I never learned how to treat women like dirt.
So, tonight the punchline. She had just met this new guy. She would not tell me anything about him, his name or anything. She was just happy to talk about him. She hung out with him for three days and came back with bruises all over her neck. She said her was high and fell onto her and then bit her. She then said she punched him in the face. She then proceeded to bite him several times. Huh? They weren't making out! She didn't f***. (Yeah, right.) (Still denies it!) She has know him now for about 3 weeks. Last night, her new beaux, went to see another of her best male friends and beat the living sh_t out of him and we say him today in the emergency room. He looked bad. I have never seen anyone beaten so savagely. His nose, jaw and shoulder were broken he had chunks of flesh torn out of his head from a steel spike. He was patched up and the xrays did not show anything more serious. They let him go home. Then we come back to my mom's house, (where I am staying for a while) and she gets in touch with the guy. I just got back from delivering her to his front door. Also, I forgot to mention, one of her best female friends has been hanging around this guy for a few months and trying to date him. (Although, according to him, they have never dated, there is nothing between them.) She will stay the night with him and probably f***. I actually hope she does and then she falls madly in love with the piece of sh_t. Then she can go live with him and get the hell out of my life. (Just in case you are wondering, NO, she and I have never done anything. She won't even kiss me.) Why?

on Aug 22, 2005
Umm.. interesting start to this article, but I gave up reading halfway through because it's hard to keep track of your place when there's no paragraphs whatsover...
on Aug 22, 2005
Usually, women that prefer men that treat them badly, were treated badly growing up, and that's what they think love is like. It has to do with what they think of themselves as a person. Most of the time, they think they are less of a person and don't diserve a good man, but one that will treat them like they think they diserve to be treated.

As for you, I think you are looking in the wrong places for love. I know you said she was 26, but how old are you? As for being her "knight in shining armor", you should have dropped her off at a battered womens shelter, or offered to stay with her till the cops showed up. No offence, but your too nice, and it's to her downfall that she wasn't allowed to learn to live on her own.

I hope you see where I am going with all this. Good luck to you.
on Aug 24, 2005
Whats the big deal

Treat her like she wants to be treated
on May 02, 2006
wow, I guess we are in the same boat. I am probably a bit younger than you are but the trend you are speaking against is wildly prevailent among young women attending college. I have watched Frat brothers beat their beautiful girl friends, spit and throw stuff on them, and then call them horrendous things only for me to save them and then once they compose themselves they go crawling back on all fours begging for forgiveness as if they did something wrong.

I also grew up in a wonderful family that with much of the same morals as yours. My dad was a doctor and my mom a teacher who eventually retired to be a house mom and still is and loves it. They are the best people that I know and everybody in our community knows them because of their morals. I model myself after them but yet now-a-days it doesn't mean shit. I consistantly get the same respone you do by all the sororrity girls that I try to date. "You are really hot and the nicest frat guy or normal guy that I know, but I just want to have fun right now." Their idea of fun is getting drunk and rapped at parties and not remembering shit the next morning with a damaged body.

Believe me, when I say that I am in the same boat and I believe that I am destined to be single. The funny thing is that I felt like I was totally alone and the only one experiencing this until I stumbled upon your article. Now I know that there are others out there and it is kind of comforting. Ha ha....if you want some good reading read some of the articles in my blog.
on Apr 25, 2008
Women want men who treat them like dirt because those are also the men who have what they want... good genes. Women do not want to be adored, they want some quality man-juice.
on Jul 23, 2008
I don't know how I ran into your blog, but the need to reply to it provoked me to sign up for this site.

It sounds to me like you're picking the wrong girls. How can you question why it is that girls date the 'bad boys', when you aparently have a nack for these kinds of girls. In my experience, girls that like bad boys are girls that haven't dated enough of them.

There are girls out there that will use you for every inch that you're willing to give, and those girls stick out like a sore thumb (to me anyways). It's about the chase. Everyone likes to chase ... play the game ... and get the prize. It takes, getting the prize a few times and it being anything but a price to finally realize that the prize is exactly that ... a prize that came with the price of playing the game.

Stop rewarding girls for being bitches, and thinking that anything good is going to come of being a rebound. If a girl just got out of a relationship, don't date her. It sucks being used. I get that... but next time date the girl that chases you instead.

I'll make this simple

1. If a girl just got out of a relationship 5 months or under, she's still hung up on her x
2. Don't date girls that don't have a job and don't recognize the value of money
3. Don't give any girl who's a 10 the benefit of the doubt
4. NEVER NEVER be ok with hanging out with a girl and her x. She's using you!

Take Care and Stay Nice. Nice guys finish last while shitty guys run out of gas. lol
on Jul 23, 2008

Why do you want women who want to be treated like shit?  Why don't you find a one that doesn't?

I know that you are over generalizing because my friends and I aren't like that at all.  In fact, I actually know a few guys who seem to like this kind of woman.  They like the drama.  in most cases, the guys I know with this problem are going after looks instead of character.  I'm not saying "date ugly women and your problems will be solved" but maybe take a closer look at the character of someone.  I introduced one of my husband's friends who was going through this kind of girl drama to a friend of mine.  My friend is an amazing person but not going to make the cover of Maxim (neither am I, actually).  He basically said thanks for the intro but she's not my type without even getting to know her.  It's not that I expected them to date or fall in love or anything but he could have gotten to know a nice woman his own age.  But no, his type is younger, prettier and full of emotional dramatic crap.  His loss.  My friend might have had a friend he was interested in.  He's a nice enough guy but obviously not ready to look beyond immediate lust.

From your description, this woman was trouble on two feet.

PaintMeCrazy hit the nail on the head.